Closer Than Together - The Avett Brothers

Closer Than Together

The Avett Brothers

  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 2019-10-04
  • Explicitness: notExplicit
  • Country: USA
  • Track Count: 13

  • American Recordings; ℗ 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.


Play Title Time Download
Bleeding White 3:36  
Tell the Truth 3:22  
We Americans 6:23  
Long Story Short 4:05  
C Sections and Railway Trestle 4:33  
High Steppin' 3:21  
When You Learn 4:06  
Bang Bang 4:12  
Better Here 3:50  
New Woman's World 4:04  
Who Will I Hold 4:22  
Locked Up 3:18  
It's Raining Today 6:10  


  • Old School Folk

    By Indianatenor
    The more I listen to this album the more I love it. Reading the reviews what you come to understand is that people have had a knee jerk reaction. There is no merit in th eargument of this album lyrically being lazy. I think some of the reaction to it is because it isnt lazy its hard to listen to. The nuance in the song We Americans is brilliant. Nobody tries to thread that needle. It is an interesting album iun that many of the songs don't contain a true chorus. Which also leads to some of the critique, asgain being misplaced, in my humble opinion. The one song that does seem misplaced is High Steppin. Thats not to say it is a bad song. It just seems like another album. This album marks a place in time. its not about the emotionalism that defies time. It is a throwback to protest and folk music of the past.
  • Great album and great message.

    By Wolf-trap
    There is a lot of truth in the songs in this album.
  • Daring & Gorgeous

    By Two Hands in the Air
    Listening to these folks pour out poetry capturing the deep joy and deep fears of their hearts has always taken my breath away. Closer Than Together represents a look past introspection of oneself and encourages us to look outward towards our society. With great power comes great responsibility, and this album speaks to this time in history. We Americans are in a dark night of the soul and we have much to answer for. Helping me through these deeply troubling times are The Avett Brothers. They remind me I have one life to live on this planet. They encourage me to be a person with integrity. To move beyond myself. To care for others. To not check out when things get too real, too hard, too painful. To say Love and be of love. To choose good over evil. If you have not heard this constant message in their music over the years, you cannot ignore it now.
  • Title: Hollywood Garbage

    By shduekeocnsowoznzkfhsja
    The Avett Brothers are my favorite music group, but this Album is like a knife to the heart.
  • Nothing here worth listening to

    By Freezebook
    The worst album to date! Such a disappointment ...lyrics are literal and seems to be written by a 15 year old. These guys have so many great tunes and it’s a shame they had to “try “ and make a political album when part of their success could be attributed to the fact that there music doesn’t lean either way and they never seem to alienate their fan base....until now
  • We Americans...

    By als1
    There are a few really good songs on this album (just like all AB albums). I think We Americans is the best of this lot.
  • Change doesn’t come from playing “safe”

    By Society, PhD
    The mixed reviews on this album show the importance of its message. Deviance creates needed social change. Bravo Avett Brothers.
  • don’t waste your money or your time

    By Anonymous336
    i literally cringed listening to this garbage. couldn’t even make through a full song without skipping to the next and all of a sudden i was at the end and $11 poorer
  • Poems set to music

    By Madhungarian13
    I like this album. The lyrics tell a story. The tunes are simple and don’t overpower the words. Simply produced, but fun.
  • Big mistake pressing that ‘buy album’ button

    By Stick person
    Geez, I should’ve spent $1.29 for the one good song on this album. This album is terrible.

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