Tones and I awesome tune - unreleased APRIL 2019

nu cents

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This was recorded in Byron Bay. 04/2019. Live from the bluesfest buskers comp. The winners get to play on one of the bluesfest stages. Tonesandi was a guest performer headlining. She was not in the competition. Well done. Your are an inspiration. All rights to the video and music belong to #tonesandi and the [email protected] (Contact them for all upcoming shows and song releases.) Thank you crew. #tonesandi #nucents #wakeupworldnucents Contributing artists - TONES AND I - contact her team at mgmt.tonesandi for any updates regarding shows and new music. We love your music girl. amazing performer. THANK U FOR LETTING US USE THIS. WE CLAIM NO CREDIT. We are making no money from this but hopefully sending fans your way. As it’s so hard to find any of your music. Please release the Monday Train CD so we can all feel ok. Get pissed with friends. Hehe Please just ask if you would like me to take these down. We don’t want any strikes for having a place people can watch you live. See you in Sydney when you come. This was recorded last night at bluesfest buskers comp. On our own phone. We mean no harm. You just played with out entering the comp. really cool. Tones and i - new songs - until the new stuff arrives. #tonesandi #nucents. #mgmttonesandi - for any info on Australian tour be quick as almost sold out. Also check out - new release-Johnny runaway, its now on iTunes. Go get it. Also get on Tones and I official YouTube page for some funky covers she does. JJJ UNEARTHED GEM. TY. #tonesandi #nucents #mdmttonesandi