Shawn Mendes "IF I CAN'T HAVE YOU" l Choreography by @NikaKljun

Nika Kljun

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Dance training classes with Nika Kljun every Monday & Wednesday 9pm at Millennium Dance Complex, Los Angeles. This one felt good in my soul✨ ! Can you tell 🤗!? #IfICantHaveYou by @shawnmendes truly makes everyone smile & want to DANCE. I had too much fun dancing with you, my friend @janravnik! Sharing the floor with you is always a good time 😁❤️🙏🏻 you already know I love you! In this class, I really wanted my students to work on storytelling and performance quality along with cleanliness. Knowing the steps is only half of it, guys! The FEELING is what really sells it 🙌🏻🔥 and helps us connect with our’s contagious! I hope you guys can feel our love for dance in this clip! 😌💗 I always aim to put a smile on the face of each student who walks into my class. Our dance community - especially in LA, really needs that. Do not let anything make you forget why you started! You deserve to dance for YOURSELF & from your SOUL...and because it makes you HAPPY. That feeling is really undefeated. Let's bring it back! Thanks for watching guys! Love and appreciate you! NIKA KLJUN: Facebook: Twitter: Instagram: Website: Song: SHAWN MENDES "If I can't have you" Choreography: NIKA KLJUN, assistant Jan Ravnik Camera/Edit: Robert Fisher Dancers: Nika Kljun, Jan Ravnik, Sheaden Gabriel, Sage Rosen, Julie Frohman, Tyra Polke, Philip Birchal, Matthew Kubitz, Elyssa Cueto, Martijn Sedgfield, Jadyn Hernandez, Hailey Beasley, Howard Johnson, Leo Lam, Jake Moyle, Shade Juste, Niesha Smith, McKenzi Brooke, Reif Harrison, Steven Caine, Klaudia Santos, Arthur, Halima Dodo, Jess Cummings...