Aerosmith I don't want to miss a thing - Hollie Aires cover

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SPOTIFY: Please subscribe Behind the scenes at the video shoot: Watch Hollie's new video here: Available on iTunes: Please leave a comment on iTunes - it really helps - thank you! More Hollie videos are here: More about Hollie here: Cinematography: Jack Van Spall Editor: Dean Massey Audio Production: Dutch Van Spall Sound engineer: Sean McCabe Graphics: Geomotion Song arrangement and guitar: Gary Hill Recorded live at Strawhouse Studio. No overdubs, edits or changes - just a complete take. It was one of those special moments when the sound was right and Hollie and Gary just took off their headphones and did their own thing. The video was filmed afterwards. The guitar sound is just mic placement - no DI - no treatment other than the desk valves and added reverb. Filmed by Strawhouse Studio "Captured Alive" : Strawhouse Studio is the UK's first purpose-built studio made from straw-bales and with an earth roof. Powered by sunlight and carbon neutral. You can link with Big help Music here: To follow the Big Help Academy development scheme go here: