Red (Taylor Swift) - Alex Goot, Landon Austin, Lacy Cavalier, Nikki Phillippi, Almost Hero


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NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED. I DO NOT OWN THIS SONG. DON'T REMOVE PLEASE :) So... what do you think of this mashup? In my opinion, it's great *im not sure it's because the way i edited it, or the singers are just awesome*. And i think most of those covers are better than the original. Especially alex goot, lacy cavalier, and landon 's covers *okay ikr it's almost all of it*. And fyi, i can't even pick which one is my favorite. Ok so that's all the random thoughts from me. Haha #worldpeace *ups can't stop my randomness* Watch my other videos here And watch the original Red 's covers: Alex Goot : Landon Austin & Nikki Phillippi : Lacy Cavalier : Almost Hero :