Solos Battle Round 11!

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some notices! -Maddie 'anna' :- this solo was one of your best! try making your transitions more neat! I didn't count them this round but I will in finals!also try to end the solo with an ending! -Brooke:- your rps are always great with everything but u need to focus more on stage disorientation! Same as anna end the solo with an ending! Np if its more than 2 mins! -Kalani:- you are amazing at rps! But focus more on stage disorientation and endings! Use more solos 2! -Chloe:- I think the best style u can pull for chloe is musical theatre! But focus more on stage disorientation! -Mackenzie:- I wanted hip hop u gave me acro and jazz! It's okay I know it’s a little bit hard but try sticking to your style! I wanted more dancing! Otherwise you are getting so better at stage disorientation! Keep it up! -Kendall:- Focus more on your musicality and stage disorientation! It was so entertaining to watch 2! Also u are getting better in stage disorientation keep it up! -Maddie:- you are so good at doing jazz solos! But focus more on keeping your clips shorter and use more solos! Otherwise u are so good at musicality ! Also for everyone if u can add like filters or coloring I will really love it!💙 -- Chloe:- Lyrical - Miss You More - Brooke:- Lyrical Acro - Chandelier - Maddie (pri) :- Open - Crying in the Club - Kendall:- Lyrical - Open Waters - Mackenzie (roro) :- Jazz - Sit Still Look Pretty - Kalani:- Lyrical - Dead Leaves - Maddie (anna) :- Contemporary - Pretty Reckless - Brynn:- Open - Gasoline - Katie you are having the challenge this week! if u got less than 94 u will be out! show me your best and no reusing!💙 do it to any song and any type of dance! I'd probably love to see contemporary and lyrical more than acro 2!🔥💖