How to Sound Like LIL NAS X - "Panini" Vocal Effect - Logic Pro X


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The easiest way to sound like Lil Nas X in Logic Pro X using only STOCK PLUGINS! Instrumental: PRESET PACKS: Leave a LIKE if you enjoyed the video! SUBSCRIBE if you haven't already! ► If you like my music head over to my SOUNDCLOUD where you can find all of it! ► Get Your Music On Spotify and iTunes: Spotify: Itunes: In this video i will teach you the easiest way to sound like ARTIST in Logic Pro X. This vocal effect is based on his hit song SONG. Enjoy! - Crab Lord New Music: Support: Twitter: @CrabLord Instagram: @evanhelbling SnapChat: @EvHelbling412 Equipment I Use: Rode NT1 Microphone: Scarlett Solo HD Interface: AKM 320 MIDI Keyboard: Moniters/Speakers: XLR Cable: Mic Stand: HeadPhones: Camera: Software: Logic Pro X Computer: MacBook Pro