Nightmare - Halsey||GLMV|| •Luna's Backstory•

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Thanks for watching! Read me: The video starts off with Luna's mom and dad fighting. At the time she was 9. Then in the next part it shows her dad and brother fighting and then her with her ex. At this time she was 15, she was with her boyfriend after her mother died and everything happened.(She is 15 in all the parts with her ex.) Next it shows her brother Nathan leaving for college, Luna was 10. The next part is a week after her brother left and her mom died by her dad. The part where it shows Luna and Lucy leaving was them running away from their dad, Luna was 13. Luna and Lucy did live on the streets and thats when Lucy became an assassin to earn money. They did end up buying a house and later on Lucy was mad at her self for doing what she did and left it in her past. The end shows when Luna, Cleo, and Bella became the "bad girls" and "psychopaths" of the school. She was 16 at the time. Her dad did get arrested and her mom did die by him. He was also a murderer. Sorry the video was bad and hard to understand! music used: Halsey - Nightmare Original: