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Isoebel Cocks

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Song: If you want clearer lyrics you can go to the original song since a lot of you guys are struggling with the lyrics: Rules: 1) if you're gonna add someone else's OC, get permission first 2) please put in the lyrics in your part 3) keep the aesthetic sad mood and make sure the colours you use are dark 4) if you can, don't include water mark but its fine if you can't do it 5) your part must have some movement on the character 6) FIRST COME FIRST SERVE, so dont feel pressured if you dont have good animation skills. 7) you can add in humans with animal parts like nekos but no furries.. sorry 8) I will cut the audio if you add sound effects, but no sound effects if you're going to add just the audio 9) you can have up to 3 parts 10) post the finished piece on your channel 11) say 'milk is gay and there is nothing wrong with it being part of LGBT' once you are done reading this Parts: 1. An Anime School Girl (DONE) 2. Chokie-bish (DONE) 3. Julia Game 4. Kookshiro (DONE) 6. Ccoffee Chan 7. ScreamingTabby (DONE) 8. WhyAmIEvenHeere 9. BobaT 10. Damian Kun1 11. Silent Sun 12. MangoSplaash 13. Shibe 14. Dokdliedoo 15. Frost 16. Greece Pill 17. Mine