Brand NEW Japanese Marble Carnival Coin Pusher At Round 1!

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Hey friends! We're at Round 1 in Erie, PA and today we're checking out this brand new japaense marble carnival "coin" pusher at Round 1! This marble "coin" pusher uses marbles to push cards over the edge! The goal is to win the cards by using the marbles to slowly push things towards the chute. There is also a bonus wheel that spins when a marble makes it into one of the three holes on the top of the machine. Sit back and enjoy this crazy new marble carnival pusher machine! Thanks for watching! We hope you enjoyed our video! We have so many more coin pusher, claw machine, arcade game, and carnival videos on our channel! Make sure to like, comment, and subscribe! Visit our website: Visit our store: Tweet us what you think of this marbley game! @arcadecouple