Sibelius - Suite in E major, JS 188 - Part 2/4


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Suite in E major, JS 188 (1888) I. Allegro molto moderato - Quasi adagio II. Allegro molto III. Piu lento quasi andantino IV. Allegro brilliante Composer: Jean Sibelius (1865-1957) Performers: Pekka Kuusisto (violin) & Raija Kerppo (piano) The second suite is more of a virtuoso piece than the previous one (Suite in D minor), a realisation of Sibelius's dreams of being a violinist. 1st movement (Allegro molto moderato). The movement starts melodically and has much of the sweetness of salon music. Instead of a modulation into the dominant (B major) as in standard sonata form, the second theme is in C sharp minor, and it forms a triplet-like section of its own. Double stops, arpeggios - and especially the demanding quasi adagio cadenza, which in places is reminiscent of Bach's sonatas for solo violin - already point in the direction of the violin concerto. 2nd movement (Allegro molto). This movement is splendid concert music with its rapid semiquaver progressions and double stops. 3rd movement (Più lento quasi andantino). This languid slow waltz (valse lente) sounds in parts like a forerunner of Valse triste. 4th movement (Allegro brillante). The final movement is an impressive Wieniawskian salon polonaise. Once again, broken octaves call the violin concerto to mind.