Periphery IV but it's all the behind-the-scenes footage

Jacob Anderson

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This is a comprehensive compilation of all of the known Periphery IV: Hail Stan writing and tracking clips. These have been pulled from band member's Instagram accounts, the official Periphery Instagram, and the P4 studio updates directed and edited by Jeff Holcomb. I've scoured the internet and cross-referenced clips on Reddit trying to make sure I get everything correct. I PROBABLY GOT SOMETHING IN HERE WRONG, so please let me know if I did and I'll make a note of where I messed up. EDIT 1 - Here are a few more that I missed: - Follow Your Ghost - Blood Eagle EDIT 2 - "Track 10" is probably attached to Follow Your Ghost, presumably as an outro. This video is being released prior to P4's release - some clips at the end are definitely on the album, but don't obviously match the tempos and keys of the songs in the Album Preview, so they have been left separate. I'll update the description once we know more. I know about an incident of somebody ripping Instagram clips and compiling them similar to this, but then attempting to monetize the video. Misha responded by ripping his video and reposting it. Know that I'm not monetizing this video, as much of it is speculative and I own absolutely none of it. I'm making this as a fan because I'm incredibly excited for this album to drop. SMOKE BEER AND HAIL STAN.